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Thread: The Last person is first...GAME RESTARTED

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    The Last person is first...GAME RESTARTED

    Shalin back...



    The Last person is first....
    Dis is a fun game..the last person's post, a post here wins!! so...technically, AND as of now, I WIN!!! carry on ppl!!!

    e.g. If my post is the last post in this game and the date on which I posted it is 12th XYZ... than if on 14th XYZ he/she's post is still the last one...than that person wins the game...
    So it means 2 days....without any post the last poster wins

    Winners :-
    1st time : Darani
    2nd time: Shalin
    3rd time:Sweety
    4th time:Coolestnapster
    5th time:Sveetzara
    6th time :Aragorn

    7th time:Sunnyajmal
    8th time: Ajnabee
    9th Time: Sunny Ajmal, March 18 2009
    10th time: Cupakes, March 14 2010
    11th time: Meera, March 27 2010
    12th time: Meera, April 22 2010
    13th time: Cupcakes, April 24 2010
    14th Time: Meera, April 26 2010
    15th Time: Cuteputta, May 05 2010
    16th Time: Cupcakes, May 09 2010
    17th Time: Meera, May 13 2010
    18th Time: Cupcakes, May 16 2010
    19th Time: Mishal, May 18 2010
    20th Time: Sufi, May 26 2010
    21st Time: Pearlprincess, May 30 2010
    22nd Time: Mishal, June 7 2010
    23rd Time: President, June 10 2010

    Your name can be here... so start posting...

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    mm ok wht are we suppose to write....?

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    i guess anything

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    so i m the last just now...

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    actually i didnot understand this game but who cares i would like to have some fun

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    i will not u win this game...haha.

    now again i m the last poster...
    So if for 2 days noone posts in this game...than i'll be the it ash

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    kiddish game
    but yet i win

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    no ways

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    dude theres no fun all u post is i win i win
    there shud be sum more masala in the game

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    so u tell

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