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Thread: Dark Silence

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    Dark Silence

    Dark Silence
    by Dan Peeper


    To you I would surrender
    And take down the wall
    Pour out my heart
    Just to see if it would fall

    It seems no greater a distance
    Have I found to suffice
    To hinder this feeling
    I harbor to entice

    The restless excitement
    Perils of indecision
    Trapped beneath the layers
    Together forming my prison

    Hidden by walls of words
    Bound by bars of sight
    All that come to life
    When concealed by the night

    I die to speak
    To finally reach out
    To let her know
    I can't do without

    These secrets of sort
    I must keep to me
    For those who don't know
    That's all that they see

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    again....nice one...!!.....

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    Ash..just tell me from where you collects these nice creations...?

    so nice!

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    hmmm hema good question but these dont come from one place

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    These secrets of sort
    I must keep to me
    For those who don't know
    That's all that they see

    deep really deep

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    ..Ash really sweet..!

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