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Thread: I Dreamed A Dream

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    I Dreamed A Dream

    I Dreamed A Dream
    by Batgirl

    To my heart your love is the key.
    When I think of you my heart soars.
    Every minute I spend with you I love you even more.
    Some people say it's easy to see
    That these feelings are not just shared by me.
    There is so much about you that I adore.
    It's everything about you - right down to the core.
    Our love grows between us like an ever-growing tree.
    How I love to see your smiling face
    And your eyes pull me in;
    And on your lips dance words so sweet.
    I know I will not find someone like you in any other place.
    My heart melts at the sight of you -
    Now if we could only meet.


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    There is so much love and so much more in it that i cant even explain........... it makes me feel good and happy

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    thanks my friends

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    chhers ............. ash .......!!!!!!!!!!

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