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Thread: Dying to live - A deep rooted message.........

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    Dying to live - A deep rooted message.........

    Hey All,

    The below mail will really move you all. Its a nice email from one of my school batch mate. I would know know if it will lead you to ACT but i m sure it will lead you to AWARENESS.

    I have not modified it at all.. and hence i urge you all to pay attention to the mail message.




    Old habits die hard …well so true right !! Just couldn't resist the temptation to talk to you all, albeit after a long time. After having enjoyed the various delicacies over these three weeks and after having met the near-dear ones, I am back to share with you some interesting moments of last weekend. For starters, the weekends in Mumbai arent as exploratory as those in UK … I don't exactly see different scenic places everytime... neither do I relish the serene waters of Thames. Yet, Mumbai weekends are lovely, full of smiles and most enjoyable.

    The Sunday that went by was no exception. In fact, it was very special. Everyone loves life and lives life accordingly…but this Sunday gave a whole new perspective to living one's life fully. Here the concept of living one's life extended even beyond the mortal years of life. Quite surprisingly, death too can teach us how to live and Sunday's session was just advocating the same !!! Well, I am not talking about any spiritual thought process …neither am I dwelling into the territories of Ramsay bros …yet I wanna share with you all, the concept of life after death !!!

    The Sunday session was on "Deh-Daan" -- Body Donation --- the chief guest was Dr. Gangane - HoD, Dept of Anatomy -- J.J.Hospital. This basically means that the dead body of the individual isnt cremated/buried… but handed over to the hospitals for educational purposes to help the doctors-in-the-making. Dissection of the body is a very important phase in every medical course and sound practical knowledge of the same is extremely critical to the med students for mastering the subject. Nearly all medical colleges face shortage of such bodies and hence the students need to compromise by not getting to do a hands-on themselves. Generally, the bodies used for such purposes are the unclaimed ones found in accident cases. But, the number isnt very large. Also, the condition of such bodies might not exactly be as desired. Hence the dire need for body donation !!!

    Also, with the ever-increasing population of our country, body-donation is a key in helping maintain the environmental balance . If the bodies are cremated, we certainly are staring at the black monster called air pollution. Also, it's an open invitation to mass deforestation. And in cases where burial is done …well friends…when living men find it utmost difficult to find an inch for themselves (in a city like Mumbai !) …the dead are surely finding it difficult. So, body-donation not only is a medical need, but also a humanitarian one. It's very easy to get entangled in the age-old traditions and rituals …of course they were started with a definite purpose in mind ..but with times, things around us change drastically..and so should the practices. It's in our hands now to instill a new noble ritual -- that of body donation !!!

    The procedure to do the same is very simple. We need to fill a form with our photo (Big hospitals like the JJ hospital (Mumbai) issue it …there's an online form of K.E.M Hospital too) declaring that we wish to donate our body after death to the hospital for educational purpose. Of course our relatives (blood relation) need to sign on the same giving a "No Objection" to our last wish. We then get a Body-Donation Photo I-Card, which is advisable to be carried everytime with us. In case of death of any such registered person, the body needs to be taken to any hospital which is feasible to the relatives ….It's not mandatory that if the registration was done with the J.J.Hospital, the body needs to be taken to the same.

    Now, along with body-donation we can also donate our eyes after our death. One single such wish of ours can mean a new life to two visually impaired people. Ideally, the corneas should be taken out within 2-4hrs of the death for their optimum use. This can be done by just calling any nearby hospital which accepts eye-donation ...their teams come in and do the needful. And just to allay any doubts --- only the corneas are taken and not the eyes !!! The most unfortunate thing about the whole thing is that in spite of having such a huge population, our country still imports corneas from Ceylon !! The reason -- lack of awareness amongst the commoners like us…so here's our chance to change the situation and do our bit towards our fellow mates.

    Friends, we all have the inherent wish of helping each other in whatever way we can..but many a times lack of time prevents us from acting on those noble thoughts. Now, here's our chance to do something for others …. our two simple acts (body-donation and eye-donation) can go a long way in making human life much happier.

    Well, Lord Krishna had said in Geeta that "Whoever is living now is ought be dead sometime" …but we all here have a wonderful chance to actually keep on living even after our death !!! Lets do it …

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    cool one lina...

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    Hav to think about it seriously.....

    Thanks to you as well as to ur great friend for enlightening the truth.....really have to admitt the beauty of perspection towards life....!!!! Keep ur smiling everlasting dear...

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    hema & shaluuuuuuu cheers u

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