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Thread: Late coming excuses

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    Late coming excuses

    * Ow Boss! I was praying for your long life in a temple
    * I was passing by a school and they kept practicing the National Anthem for 1 hour
    * I am geographically challenged and I lost my way again
    * A black cat kept crossing my path
    * The signal broke down at red light.
    * My milkman locked me inside the house
    * My body clocked malfunctioned
    * I ran over a cockroach and had to admit it to the hospital.
    * My clock is made in Pakistan and was running in Pakistan Standard Time.
    * I saw you weren't in Office, so I went out looking for you
    * In my desperation to get to work, halfway I realised that I am still in night dress, so had to go back change
    * I applied Fevicol thinking it to be toothpaste. Had to visit the dentist.
    * My dog dialed 100 and the police was interrogating me
    * I sick thief broke into my house and stole all my clothes.
    * Sniff! My grandmother died yesterday. No, no...I've three grandmothers, only two have died before.
    * They were laying the road near my way out
    * I had to be rushed to Emergency with severe chest pain. Turned out to be gas.
    * Some Communist rally near my house.
    * A friend called and threatened to commit suicide. I spent the morning convincing her.
    * My Dog ran away with my bike keys.
    * I was covered with soap when the water supply was cut off. When I came out to investigate, people accused me of indecent exposure.


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    nice thinking

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    hmmm...good ones !!

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    nice excuses.. will be helpful...

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