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Thread: Longing For You

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    Longing For You

    Deep inside my soul is aching
    Longing for your touch
    Inside my chest my heart is breaking
    I'm missing you so much
    You just don't know how much I love you
    How much I really care
    My feelings are strong and oh so true
    This kind of love is rare
    A life without you is not complete
    I'm so empty inside
    I long for the day we will be together
    And no longer have to hide.


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    nice one...

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    No one knows how much we loves the other person U kno ash....

    LOVE means only loving...
    Where there is no ending but only missing....!!!!!

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    This was a real good poem. It shows that there's more than one way to tell somebody that you love them

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    Thanks my friends & yes Hema i think you are rite that Love means only loving

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    love and pain goes hand in hand....

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