Shah Rukh Khan and South Indian director Shankar are not working with each other. What it effectively means is that SRK will no longer be part of Robot and is currently unemployed.

Robot had created a lot of stir in Bollywood as it was being touted to be one of the most stylish and slick movies ever to be made. The film was supposed to go on the floors by early next year. The director Shankar has so far only made one Hindi film, Nayak, with Anil Kapoor. SRK and Shankar are believed to have have parted ways because of creative differences.

According to SRK, they decided to call it off as they realized that they did not share the same take on the film. He confesses that it is rather sad that they had to call it off as they had been working on the film for the last four months. It was amicably done. But what next for SRK?


The actor is believed to have taken seven months off for Robot. Now that he is no more doing the film, he is effectively unemployed for the next seven months. The actor confirms that saying that Raju Hirani's film is not happening and Don 2 will only go on the floors towards the end of 2008. But the actor is quite confident of getting some work. Well, if you are SRK, then of course you will.