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Thread: about email client

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    about email client

    I m using thunderbird and its working fine
    but i have one question
    when i add a color or a image to the background in a email message
    it doesn't show up in but its shows up in yahoo
    but when i ger emails from nidokidos i have noticed that in my gmail that it shows in the background where that nidokidos watermark is there
    can anyone please help me out

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    sorry frnd...i have got no idea about it...

    nd u have posted it in a wrong category
    tell a moderator to move it to 'PC Clinic'

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    sunnykinger I recommend u to use incredimail.
    Its one of the best email client.

    try switching your gmail to html version.

    I have this topic to PC Clinic.

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    Thanks saagar for moving it

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    welcum frnd

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    thanks very much
    but are the messages from Nidokidos created by incredimail

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    don't know...

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    Nidokidos itself is a network of members.There are more then 200,000 Members in Nidokidos Yahoo! Group.
    They have diffrent ways of sending emails.

    But most of the mails you see are composed by any email client.
    I don't guarantee incredi-mail is used for all these mails. But its most popular.

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    But when I installed ddnt install in my comp showed a msg saying ur admisitator is not allowing to register..y so..? could you tell me....

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    Saagar....respond seeking an answer..and expecting too. Hope would get an answer.

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