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Thread: Knight landed in India ;)

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    Knight landed in India ;)

    Hi Friends,

    Currently I am in India travelling so just wanted to let you know

    I have a question as well. I brought an AirTel sim from Chennai, which the retailer said will have free incoming calls. It was true while I was in Chennai but when I moved to Bangalore and Puttaparthy it is charging me for incoming calls. Does anyone know why? Is there a way I can rectify this or is this the way it works between states?

    I won't have much time to come to an Internet cafe so if possible you can ring me up or sms on 09840134309 to say about this or just to give me a welcome




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    Welcome to India Knight
    And the answer of the question of which you are asking is that in India if the mobile goes out from the State than it would charge ROAMING.

    So I think you will have to pay money for incoming calls outside the state...

    I'll call or SMS you soon...

    Hope a gr8 journey to you.

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    welcome to india....

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    anybody knows where he is../

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    in india i think.........lolz he is i south dear

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    hi knight wazzup

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    Wow..Knight hearty welcome friend....

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    Quote Originally Posted by unseenforce
    hi knight wazzup
    I think he will not reply...
    He will reply when he will reach home..and miss us all

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    knight r u in south
    then a warm welcome to my place
    don't come yar ..................its only a formality

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    hey knight is presently in chennai and not roaming so all of you can catch him before he leaves on monday morning

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