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Thread: True Love

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    True Love

    True Love


    By mariam elhag

    people thought love is
    when a boy love a girl
    but no love is higher than that
    it is higher than u could ever reach

    no crying no screaming no feelings
    u have to be quiet and hear
    true love cannot disappear
    it will live so long

    do not be sorry for that
    true love is just the begining
    so donnot turn your back and say
    true love has no existance

    true love isnot a word that passes and goes
    it is not easy to say i love u
    no matter how the world is
    true love stay never destroyed

    true love cannot pass away
    it might disappear for a while
    but it couldnot be lost in the air
    just remember true love is so fair

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    very nice poem again...

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    thanks shalin

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    well they say...true love never dies... nice poem... take care...

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    ashu u rock yaar

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    thanks sunshine & sunny poet rocks not me

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