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Thread: Without Me

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    Without Me

    If you wanna beÖ

    Cheated on, hurt
    Emotionally, physically
    Betrayed, two- timed
    Fucked over all the time
    No one to write you rhymes
    Tell you they love you
    No more special times
    The only happy memories
    Will all be fake
    ĎCuz with some other fucking motherfucker
    They will all be made
    Treated like a slave, instead of a queen
    Only really happy in your fucking dreams
    Screaming in your head
    Wishing you were dead
    Feeling the regret of letting me go
    Wondering why you did it, but you really donít know
    So if thatís what you wanna be
    Then, well, feel free
    ĎCuz Iím telling you now
    Thatís what youíll be without me


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    nice posts

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    i wanna say its gud one

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