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Thread: Ever So Broken

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    Ever So Broken

    would someone please help me
    someone hear my screams someone hear the crying inside
    save me from all this pain...
    someone help me from everything
    that has ever began to hurt me
    that has ever began to touch me
    that has ever began to slowly kill me
    my heart is ever so tender
    not to mention broken
    touch it once, and it would shatter
    into million little pieces
    but even though its already that way
    i ask god to save my soul
    every single day
    i pray for the pain
    to just go away
    but i guess not even god
    wants to listen to me today...


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    nice poem...

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    that pain is so deep...that can only be overcomed by sharing my friend...

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    ..hurtful sorrow...anywya take care..

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