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Thread: My Apology

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    My Apology

    I'm sorry
    that my voice burst your heart from its cage.
    Its authenticity pulsing in my hand frightened me.
    Outside of your body, it looked so wild and real.
    Sorry I had to rock it back to sleep.
    Yours is a dangerous kind.
    The one that loves so hurts.
    Don't hurt me again.
    Sorry your hands wont just loosen their grip,
    and that I'm still here floating in this toxic lullaby.
    Unravel the rope and let me swim away.
    Unfurrow your brow, now I'm safe and sound.
    We exist, but not in tandem.
    Alone, but enthralled.
    The romance in your eyes dances sweet light into mine.
    Please let me fly away before you disappear again.


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    well wow

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