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Thread: You're Hurting Me

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    You're Hurting Me

    You're Hurting Me

    I think you don't love me,
    But you say you do,

    You say we are meant to be,
    But I don't believe you,

    You want to be just friends,
    Because it's easier for now,

    You think there will be time later to be more,
    But one day I might not want to take it anymore,

    I'm tired of saying you're not hurting me,
    When I know you are,

    Why can't you see,
    I'm not okay,

    Even when I say I'm not,
    You always change the subject,

    I try to pretend you do care,
    But you're never there,

    No matter how much I need you,
    You haven't got a clue,

    I can't sleep at night,
    I try to think it's all right,

    When you break my heart,
    When everything falls apart,

    You promised,
    But things change,

    Promises are made to be broken,
    The pain stays unspoken,

    I'm tired of doing this,
    But I don't want to let go,

    You need to make a decision,
    And you need to make it now,

    Do you want to be with me or not,
    You need to ask yourself,

    Because I'm not playing this game,
    Things will never be the same,

    No matter how much I want them to,
    I can't keep pretending any longer,

    I want to run away,
    Far from the pain,

    But I don't want to get hurt once again.

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    I want to run away,
    Far from the pain,

    But I don't want to get hurt once again.

    too good

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    nice... =)

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