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Thread: Cutting down calories works in the long run

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    Cutting down calories works in the long run

    Cutting down on calories can help in maintaining weight in the long run.

    There are various ways to reduce weight. Some people exercise, some go on a diet and others combine both in their attempt to reduce and maintain weight. If one sticks to a strict diet regimen, cutting down on the overall calorie intake can work wonders in the long haul.

    To assess the role of cutting down calories in weight reduction, American researchers analysed 80 weight-loss studies over a period of 4 years. These studies ranged in their weight-loss tactics. In some, participants were given only general advice on cutting pounds. In others, they received exercise advice or actual help with boosting their physical activity levels, but no help with diet. Among trials that focused on diet, some emphasized calorie reduction alone, and some used a combination of diet and exercise. In certain cases, participants were given meal replacements or weight-loss medications to enhance their diet changes. It was found that approaches that focused on trimming calories - with or without exercise - were most effective at keeping the pounds off.


    The results showed that diet-focused trials were more effective in reducing and maintaining weight. As compared to trials that stressed on cutting down on calories, advice only and exercise only programmes produced minimal weight loss. The findings of the analysis were not dramatic. On average, participants in these studies shed 11 to 19 pounds at most, then typically gained a little bit back over time. It was found that in trials that used calorie cutting alone and in those that added exercise, weight loss typically hit a plateau after six months. After six months, the weight lost tended to taper off.

    It is seen that people trying to lose weight tend to get frustrated in their expectation that their weight shall continue to reduce till the time they cut down their calorie intake. At times this may not happen despite continuing with weight loss interventions. If weight-loss interventions are discontinued entirely, weight regain is likely to occur.

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    ..well we dont know how long we're going to live, we dont know about tomorrow but..look after your body for the first fifty years and your body will look after you in the last fifty years..
    by the way Good info..!

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    well...nice info...

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    hmm nicely said sunshine......and yes shalin nice info na...lolz

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    Gud information

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    thanks bro

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