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    1. You must take care of yourself. Get
    the proper amount of rest that your
    body needs to function well. Drink
    plenty of pure water. Take a multi-
    vitamin daily. Eat nourishing meals.
    Try to avoid snacking. Get some
    exercise every day, if it's just a 20-
    minute walk with a video walking group
    tape on your VCR. Get your hair done.
    When your hair looks nice, you feel
    better automatically. Pamper yourself
    by giving yourself a manicure,
    pedicur e, and taking a warm, scented
    bubble bath. Do things that you enjoy
    < BR>2. Let your family and friends know
    your relationship has ended. Now is
    the time for you to seek that extra
    tender loving care and emotional
    support from your family and friends.
    Going through a breakup is code for
    others to know that they need to send
    you their love and care. They won't
    know it unless you tell them though.

    3 . Do NOT rush out and find someone
    new. Flings are not the answer. It is
    imperative that you give yourself time
    to heal and deal with the issues or
    else you will just carry them over as
    baggage to your next relationship, and
    it will end in the same manner. Each
    relatonship only creates more and more
    emotional baggage. We must deal with
    our problems, not run from them. They
    do not leave, but show up repeatedly,
    until they are dealt with and you are
    healed from repeating these patterns
    again with someone else.

    4. Find a therapist if you need
    someone to talk with and vent your
    feelings. Or at least have one special
    friend you can talk to about what
    happened. It is through talking things
    out that we can see our patterns and
    correct them. It takes from six months
    to two years to get over a break up,
    and unless you give yourself that much
    time to heal you will be worse off in
    the long run.

    5. Realize that there are two sides to
    every relationship. It was not all
    your fault or your partners. Take
    responsibili ty for your own actions.
    But do NOT take all the blame on
    yourself either. Don't keep playing
    the regret game and wondering if you
    did this or that, would it have made
    any difference? Once a decision has
    been made to break up the
    relationship, then live by that
    decision and do NOT cry over spilled

    6. Do NOT talk on the phone to each
    other. Do NOT send each other emails.
    Do NOT write each other letters by
    regular mail. Do NOT leave voice
    messages. A break up is like forming a
    scab over a sore. If you keep peeling
    off the scab the wound will never
    heal. Each time you talk to each
    other, you are peeling off that scab
    and opening up the wound again.
    However, it is necessary for proper
    closure, so one time is allowed to get
    everything said between the two of you
    that needs to be said to clear the
    air, then move on with your life.

    7. Have faith in yourself that your
    next relationship will be a better one
    and right for you in every way.

    8. At some point, you will feel the
    urge to get back with your ex.
    Leopards do not change their spots. If
    you couldn't make it work before, you
    will not be able to make it work now
    either. Have a close buddy that you
    can call when the urge hits you to
    contact the ex for a reunion.

    9. Do NOT stalk your ex by driving by
    his/her area, or contacting his/her
    friends, or waiting outside his/her
    door. This is illegal to do, and they
    can have you arrested for it.

    10. Give yourself time to heal. You
    will know when you are healed. You
    will see your ex one day and wonder
    whatever did you see in him/her in the
    first place? Or you will meet someone
    new that things just seem to fall into
    place with both of you. Most people
    want instant healing to take effect
    when a break up occurs, but the only
    instant cures I know of are hypnosis
    which just lasts a few days and EFT
    which can be permanent if done
    properly. This might help you to cope
    better with your pain and grief.

    11 . Think about all your relationships
    you have had and see if you can detect
    the patterns of choosing the wrong
    person. Make out a list of qualities
    you like in a person and qualities you
    do not like in a person. In the
    future, refer to those lists to not
    make the same mistakes.

    12. In any relationship, your inner
    self will give you warnings when
    something is not right. Red flags will
    pop up. Your gut intuition will tell
    you something is wrong. Don't deny the
    truth when it is staring you in the
    face. Never tolerate things you know
    you should not tolerate. Take the
    necessary steps to always protect your
    heart yet remain open to real love. If
    you box yourself up like a hermit, you
    are shutting yourself up inside the
    box too, so love cannot find you.

    13. You must realize that with every
    new relationship, you are taking
    another chance with love. We have no
    guarantees it will or will not work
    though. Try to see all the good you
    can in your partner. Don't focus on
    his/her bad points. Love him/her with
    all your heart. Make him/her first in
    your life except for God. He should
    always occupy that position. Pray
    together and play together. Become
    each other's best friends, faithful
    companio ns, and finally passionate
    soulma tes in a love relationship.

    14. Remember it takes two people
    working together daily to make a
    relationship last. No matter how much
    one wants it to work, it is impossible
    for one to carry the whole
    relationshi p. Love is like a delicate
    plant. It can be killed so easily in
    the early stages. Give it just the
    right amount of good soil, water,
    sunshine, and fertilizer to make it
    grow into a strong love that will last
    a lifetime.

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    long and sweet

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    hats off it is true what u said

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    Thanks guys

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    ur welcum...

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