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Thread: I dont want to Lose you...............

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    Jasmine Surve

    I dont want to Lose you...............

    the day i first met you..
    the day when i went up to the sky..
    it was made me feel
    and the day ended so soon when you went out of my house..
    the first day i met you.

    time passed..i never saw you again..
    for me a month was an eternity..
    i always peeped out of the bus when i pass your house..
    dear you were not there..

    the second time i saw you at the carnival..
    you were with a girl..jealousy came to my mind..
    then i realised i was in love..!!love!!
    i kept thinking who that girl was..

    the third day..after a week...
    i had to come to your meet your mother..
    of course to see you!! i saw the same girl..
    oh it was your sister!!
    i thanked god..!!

    when i joined 'the youngsters club'
    juz cause you were a member..
    you became my partner!!
    i never felt my feet on the ground that day..
    k..we became friends after that..


    you always bugged me saying that you love me...
    i always hoped that was true..
    dear..the day you met with an accident..
    didnt you see me crying for you..
    when all our friends were was only me..
    who cried..

    this letter may not impress you..
    this is not so poetic..
    i know you wont read this..
    because iam never going to post it..
    i cant express my love..
    because i dont want to lose a friend..

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    wow ..........
    so nice poem jas

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    jas toooooo gud...........

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    nice one jasmine

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    ..nice one...

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    straight from a beating heart......right jasmine?

    so nicely u expressed....well done

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