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Thread: Net Friendship

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    Net Friendship

    I told someone just the other day
    That I had friends all over the place
    They wondered how I could say I knew
    Someone I hadn't met face to face

    We write little notes and send out sites
    And a few write just to say "Hey"
    Then I have a few special ones
    That I talk to every single day

    At times when I can't sleep at night
    I will often go online
    There I will find a friend or two
    That will help me pass the time


    I think sometimes my online friends
    Know me more than my neighbors next door
    And they don't care if my house is clean
    Or what time I came in the night before

    So no matter how far apart you are
    If you're sincere in the love that you give
    Online friends can be as true and as real
    As your friends in the place where you live

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    nice and true

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    Quite true. Nice one sweety!

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    sweet poem and a true one...

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    thanks guys

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    You're welcome!

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    hey sweety , today its becoming reality and well said. you have knack of saying things really nicely where most of us just think about. frankly speaking i dont even know my neighbours.sad but the truth.

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    thanks lalliv

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    Lalliv probably coz you are new in the area

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    hey knight how often do you go out and speak to your neighbours or say hi to them. it s pretty dispressing no tto talk to nieghbours bu tpeople dont have time

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