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Thread: Raima Sen won't mind shedding clothes

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    Raima Sen won't mind shedding clothes

    Actress Raima Sen who was in Lucknow in a promotion trip says she is not much bothered about awards. She is more worried about criticism or appreciation of the audience and film critics


    Will you be soon competing with your glamorous sister Riya?
    I have entered commercial cinema full throttle. Although Riya is my sister but we both belong to different genres.

    We both are doing quite different films. I will really have to buck up in order to compete with Riya who is very sexy and glamorous. She has breasts and hips truly measuring up to Bollywood standards.

    While I am clueless about fashion Riya is totally into it. She designs costumes for me

    Do you prefer the Plain Jane look?
    I want to look sexy. I will not mind shedding clothes for success of a film

    Just because I look cool does not mean I am not vivacious.

    What major projects are you doing
    I am working with meera Nair in a film on AIDS. I am also doing Aparna Sen’s Japanese Wife, Rituparno Ghosh’s Khela and some more movies. I want to be a big name both in Bollywood and Kolkata. I keep shuttling between Mumbai to Kolkata.

    Do you mind comparisons with your grandma?
    Who else will art critics compare me to. For me, it is an honour to be compared to artiste like Suchitra Sen my dear Dida.

    Initially, I found it silly but now I am happy that people have recognised my talent by comparing me with the great artiste. The comparison keeps me on my toes and I have taken it as a challenge. It propels me to work harder and harder

    Do you aspire to excel her?
    There is no harm in aspiring for higher scales. But my grand-mom is too great.

    What is your dream role?
    I would love to do Rani Mukherjee’s role in Black. I have a lot of respect for her as an actress

    Do you prefer to be known as Bong Beauty?
    No I would like to be known as a sexy Indian beauty

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