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Thread: I Want to Write a World For You

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    I Want to Write a World For You

    I Want to Write a World For You
    By Michael Anthony Furtado

    I want to write a world for you
    A place where oceans endlessly roll to your feet
    And never leave you cold or lonely.

    I want to paint a sky for you
    Clouds dancing, breezes playing, all colors clear and true
    This sky doesn?t fall.

    I want to sculpt a night for you
    Warm, quiet, held endlessly by my arms
    There is no need for morning.

    I want to dream a life for you
    Us together, nobody cares, safe and loved
    Alone at last.


    I want to write a world for you
    But my words are inadequate without you
    And I am desolate.

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    nice poem and a gud poet tooooo

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    well feelings r always good when expressed

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