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    By Black Rose

    Oh! Heaven's own, what beauty is this?
    My eyes have spied and my heart rejoices.
    It has sprung as if it were natures very own,
    from eternal gardens lovingly grown.
    It fills my eyes with joy, my soul with bliss,
    and divine scents that fuel my blood
    and sends my body to perpetual heights.
    Shivering down my spine with heavenly thrills,
    soft as butterfly wings and fairy kisses,
    it sets all my troubles at ease and leaves my soul to breath,
    while all my thoughts breed fantasies that can never be.
    Yet, it frees my heart to all that love can be,
    a blessed wonder, ever so gentle and ever so pure,
    that guides my soul to these celestial paths.

    Oh! Love. How can this be, my heart rejoices,
    but my mind is in conflict and my face is in tears.
    I know these feelings cannot bare much fruition,
    yet here they are and my soul has cause to be merry.
    But sorrow lurks at every corner, poisoning my heart
    and rotting my faith. So corrosive,
    it has begun to infuse my soul with fear and doubt.
    Your love for another is definitely crippling
    to no definable end. But my love still continues
    and grows stronger with each ray from the sun.
    It cannot be a sin to love as much as I do,
    and yet it's not something I can freely share with others,
    no matter how much I care.


    Oh! What mournful trails have marked my face?
    These permanent tears are my trails of disgrace.
    I found a love I could not have and could never hide,
    yet hidden it remains, never to die.
    My nails have dug into my twisted heart to no avail;
    my love is stronger than any self-inflicted wound.
    There is no antidote or a miraculous cure for these ills.
    So I would rather remain in the dark with all my pain
    and my foolish love,
    than live in the light for the world to see my misery.
    I can never quench this love I feel
    and nothing will ever make it any less divine than it is to me.

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    oh.......too long...but i read is cool as all others are

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    well feelings r always good when expressed express them

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