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Thread: Mom, I MIss You

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    Mom, I MIss You

    Mom, I MIss You
    By M . Valle

    Gosh, Mom, I miss you.
    I wish you were here.
    My daughter?s birthday?s coming
    And you?re nowhere near.


    She?ll never get to meet you,
    Or see your pretty face,
    What am I going to tell her,
    That you're somewhere in space?

    Or can I be honest,
    And say they took you away,
    The man who took your life,
    While I was at school one day.

    Gosh, I?m still angry;
    it?s been fifteen years.
    And, Mom, for some reason
    I can't stop the tears.

    Now I have two daughters;
    one's named after you.
    I have that void filled;
    for so long I was blue.

    You were my mommy
    and I loved you so much
    And I'm so sad that
    I can't feel your touch.

    I used to see you in dreams
    and ask you, "who?"
    But for some reason you didn?t talk.
    Why? I had no clue.

    Is it because you're mad at me?
    I don?t understand why,
    But now I have two kids
    and no longer want to die!

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    I always miss my mom when I am not with her

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    everybody does...

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    hmmm this poem is so sad…a mothers love is a mothers love…no one can take her place…whether a woman has ten children or one single child, a good mother will try and give everything she can to her child/children…to me all mothers are very special and should be highly respected…anyway take care…smile…

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