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Thread: My heart lies sleeping

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    My heart lies sleeping

    My heart lies sleeping
    By Eurlantae


    My heart lies sleeping in a snow-white field
    With snowflakes fluttering down
    And the sounds of my sighs are muffled and wane
    By snowflakes fluttering down.

    And the field is covered and covered again
    With snowflakes fluttering down,
    Till the drifts are as hard as the stares you gave
    To this funny, ragtag clown.

    And the snow turns to ice and the ice starts to flow
    'Neath snowflakes fluttering down
    And slowly, so slowly, my hopes slide away
    'Neath a crystalline snow-white gown.

    And the years move along with no thaw or respite
    And my feelings have all shutdown;
    For you were the love I counted upon- now I
    Count snowflakes fluttering down?

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    touchy words

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    yes they r

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