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Thread: She Needs To Be Loved

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    She Needs To Be Loved

    She Needs To Be Loved
    By Kacie Michelle Lawson

    She cries every night
    tears streaming down her face;
    She needs to be loved again
    she's forgotten the taste.

    The taste of the sweet kiss
    that once made her smile;
    She needs to be held again
    if only for a little while.

    She needs someone to talk to
    when she needs a friend;
    She has a broken heart
    that she feels cannot mend.

    She needs to be loved
    forget the tears;
    She needs someone who'll be there
    forever throughout the years.

    All she thinks about
    are the times you had together;
    You both said
    you would be forever.


    She needs someone there for her
    she knows she can trust;
    This isn't just a want
    this is a must.

    With all the signs of "true love"
    she has been shown
    She still cries at night
    'cause she's still alone.

    She needs to be loved again
    someone's baby girl;
    Someone who will tell her
    she is his world.

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    i'm speechless devil
    nice collections

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    tooooooo............ gud .................devil..........

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    i think it has deep meaning

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    ya true

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    very sad suits me.......

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    y suits u???

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    u have many frnds
    and soon u will get ur drmboy...

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    well fingers r cross................lets hope for best.......

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