By by: menna mostafa

It was totally dark , raining out side,
when he knocked ma door,
and came in side,
very wet from walkin in rain,
looked very tired,

he took of his wet coat,
laied beside the fire,
he seemed very strange looking,
staring with no stopping,!??

i was about to move,
suddenly he walked towards me
holding my hands tightly,
to his chest,
kissing them by lips and eyes,
i didn't feel with any stress,
didnt say no or yes,

no words were coming out,
as if the mouthes were sent out,
the eyes talked loudly avec feelings ,
screaming with all words of love,
that would never go above,

i felt that earth stopped spining around ,
and the hole world vanished,
just the two of us were found,

when he gave me those soft kisses,
and his gentle , warm hugs were around,

nothing i was thinking of ,
nothing more than this,
being with him in passion thus,
nothing could stope us,

but only one thing ,
i was dreaming of,

Nothing to break our silence of!!,