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Thread: Gujju Bhai.

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    Gujju Bhai.

    There was once a Gujarati Bhai Patel, owning a shop, living in USA, and he was involved in a car accident.

    At the hospital, when he awoke, he called for the nurse to find out what had happened to him.

    I'm very sorry, sir, but you were involved in a very bad car crash.

    "Car crash! My Corolla!! Is my car all right?" he asked hysterically.

    "Sir, your car was destroyed, but that is the least of your worries - you lost your left arm in the crash, and we were unable to save it," she said apologetically.

    "I lost my arm? My Swiss Watch! My Swiss Watch!!"

    "Sir, please calm down. That is the least of your worries. You are in a very critical condition, but all your family is here to see you."

    He asked for his family to be called in. As they gathered around the bed, he called for each of them by name.

    "Alpa, are you here?"
    "I am here dear, and I will never leave you", said Mrs.Patel.

    "Diness, are you here?"
    "I am here father, and I will never leave you."

    "Kalpess, are you here?"
    "I am here father, and I will never leave you."

    "Kamless, my son, are you here?"
    "I am here father, and I will never leave you."

    "Paress, my child, are you here too?"
    "I am here father, and I will never leave you."


    "Well" said patel thoughtfully, "Alpa, Diness, Kalpess, Paress and Kamless are here....... and if all of you are here,

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    nice one...

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    well repost again...sorry dude

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