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Thread: Everytime I Look At The Stars

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    Everytime I Look At The Stars

    gazed in your eyes,
    Such a beautiful blue;
    My heart whispered to me,
    And thatís right when I knew;
    The waves had ceased crashing,
    On the sand at our feet;
    Time had stopped passing,
    My search was complete;
    I finally discovered,
    What I'd known all along;
    A mystery uncovered,
    That just couldn't be wrong;
    It wasn't our first kiss,
    Nor' the day that we met;
    But I realized something,
    I will never forget;
    With the stars shining brightly,
    From high up above;
    I'd one word to describe it,
    That word, is love.
    I knew then these feelings,
    For my sweetheart were true;
    The man of my dreams,
    And my soulmate, is you.
    I think of it every time,
    That I look at the stars;
    This memory is mine,
    But that moment was


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    nice words

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    so true .... straight from the heart trust me

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    yup thnks

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    Really hatsoff words to discribe its beauty.....well done. do write more...!

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