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Thread: Wine safe for pregnant women

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    Wine safe for pregnant women

    Wine drunk by pregnant women does not harm their foetuses if the alcoholic drink is consumed in moderate quantities after three months of pregnancy, a new guideline issued in Britain suggests.

    Most researches in the past have shown that alcohol consumed by pregnant women could damage foetuses.


    The other dangers that earlier studies had suggested included foetal alcohol syndrome, which affects around 100 babies a year and causes low birth weight, flattened features, heart and kidney abnormalities, deafness and brain damage.

    The new guideline issued by Britain's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence claimed that drinking 1.5 units of alcohol a day by pregnant women is safe, reported the online edition of the Daily Mail.

    Instead of cutting out alcohol altogether, pregnant women should limit their intake. However, the guideline said that women should avoid alcohol in the first three months of pregnancy because it may increase the risk of miscarriage.

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    good info for pregnant ladies

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    ya it is

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