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Thread: Promise

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    I will love you with all my heart,
    To have forever - never to part.
    This is a promise engrained in me,
    Take my hand and let it be.
    I will go to the ends of the earth if that is what you need,
    Just say yes and let your soul take the lead.
    This is a promise at the core of me,
    Kiss my lips and let this be.
    I will wipe your tears with no questions asked,
    No more will your feelings be masked.
    This is a promise I make to you,
    Look into my eyes and follow through.
    I will know how to hold you just by the look in your eye,
    I will never forget - not even on the day that I die.
    This is a promise of my passion for you,
    smile at me and make it true.
    I will support you even when I cannot support myself anymore,
    I will dig deeper and find the hidden strength at my inner core.
    This promise means I sacrifice all of me for you,
    Understand this- and make our lives anew.
    I will love you with everything so deep inside,
    And to only you - this gift I shall confide.
    This is a promise so incredibly real,
    kiss me my love and you shall feel.


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    nice post...

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    sucha nice poem

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    ya poet is also gud...

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    y poet?
    have u written the peom?

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    no not me....someone else

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    okay then

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    So with these words
    You made something new:
    A bond of devotion
    Between me and you.

    so nice collection
    i can't say more words

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    so express urself in these beautiful line so nicely

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