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Thread: Love without holding back

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    Love without holding back

    To love you without holding back
    Is a feeling of sure bliss
    From the day I first held your hand
    To now, each time we kiss
    I love you more then you'll ever know
    I'm blessed to have you in my life
    There is no other in this world
    I would ever take to be my wife
    You are so many things to me
    Wife..Lover and my best friend
    I will always be here at your side
    Until my life comes to an end
    There are so many soft and tender words
    So many sweet things I want to say
    About how you've shown me how to love
    In a very unselfish and giving way
    You have shown me to love from the heart
    And I am what I am because of you
    I hope there is never any doubt
    To how much I Love You


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    u r right poem and poet

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    so good

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    as u say

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    well all poems r good only coz they r somebody feelings that came directly from heart

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    hmm and only the ones who knows how it feels can understand

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    well u r right in that

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    maybe.... maybe not

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    what u mean either u r right or u r not

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