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    No Better Way

    Every morning starts beautifully
    with the sound of your sweet voice from a phone call.
    It's second best to actually embracing you in my arms,
    under the covers that protect us from the chill that lies outside.
    Your melodic wake-up laughter over the phone is second best
    to the overwhelming smile I see in the morning,
    when I hold you in my arms
    after having spent another wonderful night with you.
    Your "I Love You"s over the phone
    always make me smile and hold the phone tighter,
    second best to looking into your eyes with those words,
    and being able to deeply kiss you afterwards,
    sending a chilling warmth throughout our bodies.
    But with you... you are my #1.
    The closest person in the world to me.
    With you, there is no second best.
    There is no one close to even being "second" or "best".
    I hold you, alone, in the most intimate place in my heart.
    It's a place where I can feel you, still close, when you're far away.
    Where I can close my eyes, and hear your voice,
    listen to your laugh, and feel your "I Love You"s.
    So please, keep calling me in the morning.
    Cause second to your kisses,
    theres no better alarm clock than your personalized ring.
    No better way to begin the day than with you.


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    y hmmmmm

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    my wish

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    okay then

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