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Thread: Can't Live Without You

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    Can't Live Without You

    As you take this time to think
    Figure out what's right in your heart
    I anticipate and canít even blink
    Why would you ever want to be apart?

    Something I did bothered you
    I wish I could take it back
    Iíll do anything to make it up to you
    Letís get this love back on track

    I can promise you tomorrow
    But I canít buy back yesterday
    I have been going through such sorrow
    I go through it everyday

    We have started to build a life
    Itís exactly where I want to be
    I canít wait to make you my wife
    I think you would agree

    Please accept me as you used to
    I am the same man you said you love
    You know my heart will always be true
    As pure and true as a white dove

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    poet is gr8

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    so nice love poem
    poet is great and the devil also great coz he posted this here
    ha ha ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolestnapster
    poet is gr8
    who is he?

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    i d3on't know the name

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    okay than

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