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Thread: Stranger In Paradise

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    Stranger In Paradise

    I'm a stranger in lovely Paradise,
    With out the love of your embrace,
    Listening to birds sing love songs,
    Leaves me feeling so out of place.

    I wish you could be here with me,
    Come to me darling, take my hand,
    I need you here forever by my side,
    Let us unite in this Paradise land.

    I want your arms to hold me tight,
    Feeling your heart beat against mine,
    Whisper love words to me tonight,
    Kiss my lips with desire so divine.


    I am a lost stranger here in Paradise,
    End my loneliness, my darling true,
    In a land meant for lovers to share,
    Come to Paradise where I wait for you.

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    Come to Paradise where I wait for you.

    nap Devils don't live in Paradise.........lolz

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    hmmm angels do

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    i'm cominggggggggggggggggggg

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    i am waiting...lolz

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    than i also want to becomea devil...lolz

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    devil has wounds that he can not show and can not pass

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