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Thread: Emma Watson in New Movie, called "Ballet shoes"

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    Emma Watson in New Movie, called "Ballet shoes"

    Emma Watson is to join the cast of new BBC drama, called "Ballet Shoes".
    It seems as though Emma Watson is never out of school uniform.Like many a young girl, she fell in love with Noel Streatfield's novel Ballet Shoes. And she is thrilled to be playing the part of the orphaned Pauline Fossil in the BBC's adaption.
    "I think the books are really special and could not let such an amazing project go. I loved Pauline from the start," she said on her website. The doleful expression on her face as she wandered around the set in navy frock coat and beret is thought to have been purely for the camera. She replaced it with a smile during breaks in filming.
    The feature-length film, set in 1930s London, tells the story of Pauline and her two sisters, who are adopted by an eccentric explorer, played by Richard Griffiths.
    To get into character, Miss Watson has taken ballet lessons and dyed her hair white blonde.
    The young actress, who is still at school, has amassed a £10million fortune after appearing in the five Harry Potter films, based on JK Rowling's novels.
    Last month she was unveiled as the cover girl for the magazine Tatler.


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    nice info

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