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    Life by Melanie S. Hanki

    Watch the sun set;
    the winter moon rise.
    Watch the roses grow and wilt;
    the Japanese Maple leaves turn red.
    Feel the waves break upon your feet;
    the fall breeze rustle your hair.
    Feel the rain fall upon you;
    the lightening crashing around you.
    Hear the crackling of the flames;
    the hush of snow falling.
    Hear the lullaby of the wind;
    the calling of your day dreams.
    Smell the scents of your childhood;
    the essence of who you are.
    Taste the sun on your lips,;
    the joy of the world.
    Breath them in and remember them.
    They are the good in life.


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    nice post

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    and nice poem too

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    i meaned the same

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    i know

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    nice post,nice poem & a nice devil

    is it all ok my dear devil?

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    dear devil drinks blood...ha ha ...lolz

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