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Thread: Romance Just For One

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    Romance Just For One

    Sorry If Repost


    Romance Just For One
    by Joy Wolf

    The gentle rain is falling
    down in a place that's far away,
    the storm clouds are surrounding you,
    but you know that you will stay.
    The single candle is now lit
    the fireplace is warm,
    there's peacefulness you feel inside
    though you hear the rage of a storm.
    The music softly plays a tune
    you're having perfect days,
    even dancing with an old, old broom
    in the mountains, that's okay.
    You find that you are all alone
    no one to share the view,
    the tranquility though would not be there, if at the cabin there were two.
    The animals are hiding in the hills
    the wildflowers are in bloom,
    you treasure the days that you are here
    for you must go home too soon.
    The time you have is now all gone
    with many things you've done,
    there is a special place to go
    with "Romance Just For One!"

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    so nice
    so devil also in romantic mood
    how its possibleeeee....................... lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    don't kill me yar ....kiddinggggggggggg

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    hey can't kill u.....coz i have already killed u so many times in the game...lolz

    nece signature...and lovely words used

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