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    Please Help

    Can anyone tell me how to link a picture to nidokidos from my mail account in outlook express. I am not able to copy the pictures with ctrl+c.


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    i think u can't do tht

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    how do you ppst images shalin?

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    i attach images or use the bbcode

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    amitkadmawala here is complete guide for you:

    1) Save Images to your computer by right clicking every image and selecting "Save Image As"

    2) Upload every image by using this procedure.

    The method of uploading the picture to imageshack and putting it in the post via bbcode is very easy and I will describe the procedure here -

    1) Go to
    2) Click on browse select the picture and click on the "host it" button
    3) Select the last option named "Direct link to image" as marked in the picture below - (The option to choose is circled in the picture attached below)
    4) Copy that link and paste here in posting, select the link and click "Img" button.

    Finally it would look something like this -


    Note the starting img tag before and the closing img tag after the link.

    Repeat the same procedure for other images

    Your done, if you have any questions/queries then reply below!

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    hmmm....saagar is expert in such stuff
    saagar rocks

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