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Thread: Inner Feelings.....

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    Inner Feelings.....

    My love for you keeps growing,
    My heart is overflowing,
    With this crazy or crush hopeless love I have for you.

    I've been doing too much dreaming,
    And maybe too much scheming.
    Oh, how I wish that you would love me too.

    I know to you, we're the best of friends,
    You hope our friendship never ends.
    But, darling, I would like a little more.

    Won't you return my love so true?,
    Maybe you'll find you do love me too.
    Then I'll love you like you've never been loved before


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    sweety nice going....

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    hmm ...correct me if i am wrong but why i feel u have written this....anyways nice and he/she will be a lucky person to get someone who loves them so much

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