Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan continue to paint the town red. If Mumbai was not enough, they have even been spotted partying in New Delhi. But guess what got them together in the first place besides the hormones. It was in the course of their yoga sessions on the location of Yashraj's Tashan, that the two bonded.

According to sources in the unit of Tashan, Kareena had brought her personal yoga trainer along to Rajasthan for the shoot of Tashan. Kareena would leave for her yoga sessions at 6 am daily and Saif would accompany her daily religiously. Her interest in yoga seemed to have rubbed off on him too.


And now, it seems that Saif wants to take up yoga regularly. He is going around saying that it made him feel better. Apart from spending lots of time on the sets together, Saif and Kareena would never miss a morning with each other, doing yoga in the hotel room of Jaisalmer. So there is definitely a strong yogic connection at play here. As for Shahid Kapoor, the guy is believed to be very depressed these days and is seeking solace in the company of Vidya Balan. She is believed to be trying her best to wean him off his new-found habit of chain smoking.