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Thread: Lessons of Life...

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    Lessons of Life...

    Lessons of Life...

    I feared being alone
    until I learned to like
    I feared failure
    until I realized that I only
    fail when I don't try.
    I feared success
    until I realized
    that I had to try
    in order to be happy
    with myself.
    I feared people's opinions
    until I learned that
    people would have opinions
    about me anyway.
    I feared rejection
    until I learned to
    have faith in myself.
    I feared pain
    until I learned that
    it's necessary
    for growth.
    I feared the truth
    until I saw the
    ugliness in lies.
    I feared life
    until I experienced
    its beauty.
    I feared death
    until I realized that it's
    not an end, but a beginning.
    I feared my destiny,
    until I realized that
    I had the power to change
    my life.
    I feared hate
    until I saw that it
    was nothing more than
    I feared love
    until it touched my heart,
    making the darkness fade
    into endless sunny days.
    I feared ridicule
    until I learned how
    to laugh at myself.
    I feared growing old
    until I realized that
    I gained wisdom every day.
    I feared the future
    until I realized that
    life just kept getting
    I feared the past
    until I realized that
    it could no longer hurt me.
    I feared the dark
    until I saw the beauty
    of the starlight.
    I feared the light
    until I learned that the
    truth would give me
    I feared change,
    until I saw that
    even the most beautiful butterfly
    had to undergo a metamorphosis
    before it could fly.

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    WOW........Let me applaud loudly.. Well done.

    No nice thoughts as wells the way U tried to say it...nice post. Do post more.

    U seems new...Hearty welcome to you along with such a banging post Vinay!

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