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Thread: Can We Still Be Friends?

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    Can We Still Be Friends?

    Can We Still Be Friends?
    by Kathleen Sheppard

    I was cold and hurting
    lost out in the night
    wandering and searching
    for heaven's light

    I saw the night sky clearing
    when you spread your rainbow wings
    But little did I know
    what joy you would bring


    From that moment on
    a friendship did start
    you kissed away my tears
    and sheltered my heart

    I bless the day God
    sent him from above
    But then I grew fearful
    for I had fallen in love

    I told you this feeling
    and what did you say?
    You said you liked our friendship
    and that's how it would stay

    I cried for a friendship I thought I lost
    But then felt your warm, gentle hand
    You then whispered in my ear
    that by my side you'll forever stand

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    awesum girlie u simply rock

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    nice poem

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    thanks gurav & sweety

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    ur welcum and its gaurav

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    sorry gaurav

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