It is my intention to be authentic and peaceful with myself. I have this choice between being what others expect me to be and finding that place within myself that is truly me. How others treat me has a lot to do with how I treat myself. The answer is allowing me to listen to low level energies of well-meaning but bothersome opinions of others, instead of putting my energy to positive thinking. Change the thought and change your mind. Change your relationships by giving your consent to be at peace with yourself. Not actively changing the story, but wondering every once in a while, why nothing great happens. Can I shake it up a bit? Sure, but that is scary. I get in this comfort zone of what I expect to happen today instead of setting my course off the shore to sail on seas of the unknown today! Even small things can make a difference.

Just going out and smiling attend people that I do not know, I found eight of them smile back and say hello. It's not so scary as I thought. Being shy is frightening when you consider the courage it takes to step out the door in the first place. It has to be your decision, not the kind push of others, for your own good, but you, only you. Taking part of life, the tears, the laughter, and the peace will follow. Participate, take part and you soon will realize that people are just people. You can relax in your own skin and be yourself. Your self worth is what shines inside of you. Don't ever change who you are just to please another person that kind of game never works anyway. Don't be arrogant about it either, you can learn something wonderful from each person you meet in your lifetime and just take that gift and smile.

I remember hearing somewhere that every single person we encounter in our lives, we are supposed to meet and each one come at exactly the right time. Almost like a train, we travel through life and these people come on our train and there are stops and a few get off at certain stops and maybe come back on or just are on for a short while. Each person has something wonderful to teach us and we should smile and embrace this gift of friendship! Acceptance is a big step in growth in any relationship. One need not always be right to be successful. Just ask yourself, is it better to be happy or right all the time. I vote for happy!!

Yes, life is hard. It can be joyful or painful. The choice is always yours. I know that no matter what brand of sneakers I am wearing, it matters not, for I am smiling today. This new found freedom is wonderful and I feel no longer shackled by fear. This fear tricks me into believing I need to hide away from life. Fear is an illusion that is a cloud of darkness that shuts out the sun. I only know I wish to live a happy life and stand in the sun.
That means taking the risk of finding a dark cloud or two. But there is always sunshine around the corner.

Dare to try.