Don't say this on a first date

Here are some subjects usually thought to be acceptable, but in truth are likely to scare off a potential love:

Your romantic past

Here's the problem with bringing up your former flame: He would never order the steak rare like you just did! you'd say OK. He would never think of driving a car like the one you do! Great. He would never wear a jacket like yours! Fascinating. Listen, your guy wants to go out to dinner to get know you better, not the loser you broke up with two months ago. The more you talk about him, the more he 'll think that you have got "rebound" stamped on our e forehead. Criticize the guy too and the guy you are out with might start to mentally take his side. Nobody could be that bad, he 'll think. You're just being too critical he'll feel If you trash it sounds like you're not over him. If you talk him up, it sounds like you're not over him. And if you mention that you're still in touch with the guy, what your date hears is, "You're OK but if my former flame needs me I will be there."

Talking about kids

Want to scare your first date? Say this word: Baby. "There's no such thing as small talk about kids; it's always a loaded subject "Kids = pressure, pressure, pressure... and pressure = no second date." Once you've got a few great dates under your belt, you can mention that you love buying your niece clothes. By that point, he'll be comfortable and know it means that you're a proud aunt, not that you're planning on having your own baby ASAP.

Using pet names

So you and he are really hitting it off-by the time your entrees arrive, you can't take your eyes off each other and you're finishing each other's sentences. It may feel like you're an old married couple, but better use a nickname he is not used to .On one date, by the end of dinner don't call your date "sweetie" and "honey"-repeatedly. Pet names are good once you know someone, but never on a first date. It makes you feel trapped in a relationship that hasn't even begun and probably just crash-landed before leaving the gate.

Lusty story-telling

You shouldn't talk about sex at all on a first date. What your former guy was like what your friends are doing.. Why? It's too much, too soon-you risk making your date uncomfortable. Girls sometimes say provocative things the first night out with a guy because they think it makes them look sexy, but it can make them seem somewhat trashy.

Talking about your pets

Unless you met your date at the dog run or a PET rally, it's best to keep conversations about furry friends to a minimum. Your date will think you are crazy if you say too much . Amazingly cute/heroic/gifted pet stories don't translate well (we know, you had to be there!). Pet talk can land you in the "rather odd" category before you have a chance to show what a cool person you really are.

Asking too many finance-based questions about your date's job

It's one thing to take an interest in what your date does, but save the "Does your company give you stock options?" questions for a little further down the road. Like after you have got engaged.

Not eating anything

If you show no signs of enjoying your food at the dinner table, it doesn't exactly get a guy's heart racing to imagine what's to come a few dates from now.

Picking really expensive restaurants

On a birthday, sure,. But on the first date? Not so much. Using men to take an unpaid tour of the the most expensive restaurant in town is one of the most foolish first date misdeeds a woman can commit.

Acting like we're boyfriend and girlfriend too fast

Guys get just as excited as you when they meet someone cool and fun who doesn't appear to have any weird quirks. But definitely leave him wanting more. Get too clingy too fast, and you'll scare him off in a hurry.

Using your first date like a therapist

One of the great things about being in a long-term relationship is having someone to talk to when you're down, a shoulder to lean on when you're stressed out of your mind. But save discussions of unresolved issues with your mother for a little further along than minute 12 of your first dinner date. First dates are all about having fun, right?

Acting flirty with other guys at the bar or, worse, with our friends

First dates are all about having fun…But not too much fun. There's a fine line between being outgoing and being a flirt and making eyes at other guys

Not having an opinion

Would you like to go see a movie or go for drinks? It's up to you. Do you like Italian food? Whatever you want to eat. One of the major goals of a first date is to find out if two people are compatible. Your date wants to find out what you like, what you think. So drop the overly polite act, and give him a peek into what's going on in your brain. , give him an opinion!