Farmer John was a sheep farmer. He raised sheep all over his property. One day, a beautiful young brunette came up and asked him, "Farmer John, if I can tell exactly how many sheep you have in your fields, can I have a lamb to take home and raise myself?"

Farmer John agreed, knowing wholeheartedly that he had way too many to guess accurately.

The beautiful, young brunette told him that he had 376 sheep in his field.

Farmer John was beside himself. He had exactly 376 sheep! Being a man of his word, he told her to go and pick out the sheep that she wanted.

For about an hour the, brunette was out in the field. Finally she returned with her choice. Farmer John looked and her and asked, "Now, can I ask you a question?"

The brunette complied.

Farmer John asked, "If I can tell you what color your hair was before you dyed it, can I please have my dog back?"