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Thread: My terrible situation....

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    My terrible situation....

    Hi friends, this is a situation i had on Sunday night.


    Our friend Karthik[maxjeolite] was here at chennai. He was leaving chennai on sunday. So i decided to meet him and went to the railway station around 9.30pm. Then we met each other and spoke for few mins and i started as it was getting late. I stated from there at around 10.30pm. I got into suburban train to go to my place. I was sitting in the train. There was few mins for the train to leave.

    At this time 2 people came in steadily and sat near me. One beside me and another opposite to me. The train started off. They both started speaking abt goverment and private jobs. They were quarelling for a long time. Then a person said to the other by pointing to me. "Hey, he seems to be a student let's ask him itself". And then they both turned towards me.

    First the person sitting beside me asked "Government job is the best right?". I was about to say the answer but the second person iterrupted and asked "Private jobs are not good right?". I was stunned. These two statements means the same. I said "Yes". So the first person said me "Then what i said is wrong?". I said "No, you are also right". They both jointly asked me how can we both be right at the same time. Then another passenger behind me said me that those people have drunk.


    So i decided to leave that place immediately and stood up. The both drunken people stopped me and said "Say me the result and go plz". I was not able to go also. From there they started asking me "Am i right?" i said yes. and the next asked "Am i right?". i said "yes". Like this i was saying yes yes and at last when my station came i jumped out and reached my home.

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    lolz thats why in the night u should not travel alone

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    bcoz i did not have company in train at tat time....

    have a gr8 day
    bye tc

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