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Thread: PJ!!!! u'll love them!!!

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    PJ!!!! u'll love them!!!

    Think on these PJ's and if you are unable to get the answers, check
    them out at the bottom of d page..!

    PJ #1.
    EK aadmi ki 6 ungliyan(6 fingers) hoti hain... sab log use "Hanuman"
    bulate hain... kyun???

    PJ #2.
    Whats the opposite of Real??
    (Clue: Its COCONUT.... Y....Socho...??? )

    PJ #3.
    what is the vector form of sridevi????
    (Hint: Tabu, confused? think... think...)

    PJ #4.
    Three cockroaches were going on the road, suddenly one of them started
    singing the song -- AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE.
    Few mins later, all the three cockroaches died...... any idea why?????

    PJ #5.
    what is the cube of 13?
    (Clue: its SUROOR. Go to comments section to know why

    PJ #6.
    Hema, Rekha , sushma and jaya are 4 friends.They all got marriage
    proposal from Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir and Saif. But none of them is
    ready to accept any of the proposal. why?


    Ans to PJ#1: kyounki uska nam hanuman hota hai!

    Ans to PJ#2:Coconut -Becuase it is 'Na-Real'

    Ans to PJ#3:TABU - bcause Sridevi did chandni and tabu did chandni bar!!!!!

    Ans to PJ#4:Cockroaches died COZ the song is HIT......

    Ans to PJ#5:SUROOR - coz Tera (13) Tera (13) Tera (13) Suroor.

    Ans to PJ#6:Kyunki....Hema, rekha ,jaya aur sushma... Sabki pasand NIRMAAAAAAAAAAAAA......!

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    Ha! wonderful jokes... Thanks for making us to laugh!

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    Nice PJs very funny

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    nice ones...lolz

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    thanks for the appreciation guys!!!

    Thanks & Regards,

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