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Thread: Very valuable information..pls note

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    Very valuable information..pls note

    Hi all,

    Do you know, Rickshaw & Taxi Drivers do not have a right to say NO,. So remember that each time the rickshaw/taxi driver tells you a NO, take down his vehicle registration number, note down the time, date and place, please click on the following link and register your complaint.

    We have had enough of these guys bullying us around, and refusing to ply specially when its urgent. They have been told that they cannot say a NO to any customer when their meter is FOR HIRE! not even for short or long distances. I'd suggest you stop asking them whether they will take you wherever you wish to go and rather tell them where you want to go. And if they refuse, REGISTER a COMPLAINT. Lets teach these guys who's the customer , and who's the boss!


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    hey lina,
    registering a complaint is alright but hopefullly you dont get betaen up by all the autowals before that. yes it s a great idea and one no one is aware about but does it have any effect is for us to see.

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    see lalliv frm today onwards m going to fight with these people...............sometime its really difficult to get rickshaw or we need to fight........

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    LOL...This is good info

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    Lina i m with u in this

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    If all start to do this, there sure will be a problem for them

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    yup u r right knight............& cheers to all...........

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    Cheers Lini

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    Hey..Lina..after a long, you came with such an interesting topic...nice carry on.

    Hope you are fine. Hav A Nice Day cute...

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    hey hema cheers yaar love u..........god bless u.....
    well m fine.........

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