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    How to change my email id

    Guess that one of the z0 file is corrupted. Its z02 and WinRAR cannot find the file to extract after RWP and z01 but not the last one.I sent an email to Eyein12 about this.John
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 duo smashes pre order records in Korea

    I went from a HTC Glacier T-mobile myTouch 4g to the Galaxy S III. I will never go back. I am extremely satisfied with the GS3 and look forward to when the GS4 becomes a reasonable price.
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    Happy 15th birthday Nidokidos Group

    Hellow Paddy I wanna wish you a happy 30. birthday.. I still hope you fell fine, where ever you are.. And enjoy it.. I hope you find what you´ve been searching for..Thanks for alle your songs.. I...
  4. 2011 Wheelsandmore Maserati Quattroporte Italian Job

    iv have just finished off 3 minis like the italian job, and i must say that thay will make a real imprestion on mad laps so i need 2 other players to join and we will have a joke aroundfirst t join...
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    Are Apples Coated with Wax Safe to Eat

    Hi I was just wondering, what were your best beauty tips that you would like to share with the community? Just feel free to share
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    Classic Shell

    I love Classic Shell; but Norton says 4.0.4 is a problem and contains the WS.Reputation.1 virus. Is this because of modifications to system code or some other problem?Thanks Big Al
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    Because of you

    Its an algorithm, Mate. Its not subjective at all. All seems to be linked to favs, comments and getting people to interact who dont always. For most people, you can only get Explored once in each...
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