Kawasaki motorcycle Corporation History and Success Story

Kawasaki is one of the most known names in the motorcycle industry. Kawasaki manufactures their  motorcycles in Motorcycle & Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries at plants in Japan, Michigan, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Thailand

Here is the History of Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation(KMC)

Kawasaki (KMC) Beginning:

KMC Beginning

There are only two things in the world to make a leading company in the world and that is hard work and a dream. These two things also established Kawasaki MotorCycle Corporation(KMC) in March of 1966. No one knows that this startup will lead the world market in the future. Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation opens its first headquarter and old mate warehouse in Chicago, U.S.A. which was a humble launch from the whole factory team sent to open the U.S.A. market.

They had nothing in hand to start a company. No Customer, No distribution and no image in the market. But they had something more important than that A promise from the KMC factory to supply the best quality product in the market.


Kawasaki Growing Stage:

Kawasaki Growing satge

Now the time comes when KMC has to think about distributing their bikes in the market. So The emerging entrepreneurs reach an agreement with several private companies in the US market to distribute their first bike around the U.S.A. which was a small two-stroke bike that was sold under the trademark of Omega.  But riders wanted more features and excitement so the company instantly respond to their customer demands with a pair of rotary valve twins that is known as Samurai and Avenger. This was the first indication that one day Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation becomes the world leader and most reliable name in the motorcycle industry.

These rotary valve twin bikes sold under the name of Kawasaki and there was a second corporation named Eastern Kawasaki Motor Corporation. This firm has to handle east coast distribution. In 1968 the second firm and the original Chicago company merged to form Kawasaki Motor Corporation. In South California.


Kawasaki(KMC) as Major Power in Industry:

Major power in motorcycle industry

Now Kawasaki knows the requirement of the market. In 1969 Kawasaki Motor Corporation(KMC) launch its 500cc, two-stroke Mach III triple that incredibly increases Kawasaki’s performance image around the world. In 1973 when Kawasaki Motor Corporation launches its legendary 4 Cylinder 900cc Z1 bike. They were the leading power in the motorcycle industry and Kawasaki Motor Corporation was creating its own unified dealer network to give facilities to its customers.


Kawasaki(KMC) Diversification:

Kawasaki Diversification

In 1973 Kawasaki Motor Corporation introduces its personal watercraft company named JET SKI®. Today JET SKI® is the global leader in the watercraft industry. In 1980 Kawasaki Motor Corporation made expansion into Atvs and Side x Side Vehicle.


Kawasaki(KMC) at the present time:

KMC’s struggle gets them to the world leaders in the motorcycle industry. Now their annual revenue is more than 1.6billion dollars with more than 480 employees and 1500 dealers around the world.


Kawasaki best Selling Series:

Kawasaki bestselling series are Ninja® sportbikes, rugged ATV and Mule™ Side x Side vehicles, classic Vulcan® cruisers and exclusive JET SKI® watercraft