How to create facebook ad design

How to Create a High Converting Banner for Facebook Creative

  1. Avoid the “trademark FB blue and white” logotypes colors of the ad. This may disappear in the FB background.
  2. Use vivid backgrounds in the news feed, as when the FB user is scrolling very fast it will grab her attention.
  3. Use a human face in the banner ad as it catches more quickly. But must keep in mind that the model must be watching towards the product or message in the picture. If the model in the picture is watching towards the camera (the audience), people may distract from the product of the message.
  4. The human brain processes the image 60,000 times faster than a text post.
  5. Use RGB color wheel for the buttons on banners to give clarity. The opposite colors on the wheel will be used above each other. The CTA button color should be on the RGB color wheel strategy.
  6. If it is very necessary, even then, do not add more than 20% text in the image as FB does not like it (logo excluded).  More than 20% of text will decrease ad performance.
  7. Remember! Too many texts in the ad image, distract the attention of the people. FB allows us to use the text below and above the image in the ad, we can use that.
  8. In “main text” show the customers some value so they should buy your product. Also, add a clear CTA text in the main text, e.g. shop now! Get now! etc
  9. Add the link to the landing page in the main text.
  10. In “headline” (the text under the image of ad) use the clear value point of the product or the offer. (e.g. the price, the main function, discount, free offer, etc). It should be short and clear enough to a pinpoint message to the customer.
  11. Use the “Newsfeed link” description text, (the text below the Headline place). Here you can add any info or detail for the customers to know.